So, Blogging….

Starting a blog. Easier said than done. In 2014 everyone feels like they should have their own blog; let the world hear what they have to say. Well, people already hear what I have to say in 140 characters or less on Twitter (follow me: lcardi24). So, why blog? Blogging, as I see it, is a fantastic way to practice writing and develop a voice, on topics that interest me.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now because as a communication student learning to communicate with an audience through a blog should be a part of my education.  But oh is it scary. Writing-and giving the whole internet the power to critique my words and point out my typos- is more than slightly unsettling to me. But, like public speaking, communicating to a mass audience online is a fear that I can overcome through practice.

In addition to my fears of blogging, the other thing that kept stopping me from starting a blog was the question that popped into my head everytime I sat down to start- what the heck am I supposed to write about? There are food blogs, fashion blogs, TV/pop culture blogs, career focused blogs, fitness blogs; the list is endless. While I do love food, consider myself an expert when it comes to pop culture, and make it to the gym most days; I couldn’t think of anything I was passionate about enough to dedicate my blog to. Focusing on one topic and forcing yourself to write nothing but that? No wonder I couldn’t commit. Instead my blog will be a beautiful mess where I write about whatever fires me up that day.

So stay tuned because who knows what’s about to come, and bare with me as I gain my footing in the blogging world!giphy


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