All About That Bass

This weeks number one song on spotify is All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. And it’s not very surprising considering the amazing beat, fun doo-oopy sound, and all around cuteness of Meghan in her video. And I must admit, I’m not immune.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat these past few days and can’t get enough. I love singing along but have this nagging feeling like I’m indulging in something I shouldn’t be. The lyrics of the song offer some great advice about loving your body and I definitely believe that Meghan had the best of intentions when producing it but there are some clear flaws.


This song celebrates a body type that doesn’t usually get celebrated. The bodies that aren’t the ones that we typically see on runways and in magazines. Which I love because just like Meghan “it’s pretty clear I’m not a size two” and our media does need a more inclusive representation of women; all sizes, races, and ages. But just because we’re not all “size two”, “stick figures”, or “skinny bitches” doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with being one. She is clearly alienating a specific body type and skinny shaming. In the music video their is one skinny girl and the rest of the people in the video are definitely bullying her becasue of her size. If “every inch of [us] is perfect from the bottom to the top”; does that not include skinny girls?
She also justifies that being a little bigger is great because “boys like a little more booty to hold at night”. Boys liking your body should not be the deciding factor in whether you like your own body. It’s important to love and appreciate your body for what it can do for you regardless of anyone else’s opinion.  Coming to terms with who you are is important for girls and you won’t gain it by relying on other people to give you the validation you crave. Once you are comfortable with who you are for yourself you’ve achieved self love and body peace.
So go on enjoy the song, turn up the volume when it comes on the radio, but be aware of some of the lyrical flaws.

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