Feminism and Social Media

Feminism is having a moment, it is extremely on trend right now. People are less afraid to declare themselves feminists, more accepting when others do declare themselves feminists, and beginning to realize that infact feminists don’t hate men. As a self-declared feminist I am elated by this. Like most things that come come into populartiy in our society we can attribute this latest fad to a number of celebrities who have expressed again and again that they are feminists during press tours and on talk shows. Thanks to LenaDunham, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and others like them, people are begining to realize that feminism didn’t end when women got the right to vote or when it became acceptable for women to join the workforce in traditionally male fields. Feminism is still very relevant today and very necessary.

Of course it takes more than just celebrities claiming to be feminists to show the world. It also takes individuals sharing their experiences and their stories. Putting a face to Feminism. Proving that it is relevant today and needs people’s support. To do this we have activists like Malala Yousafzai, who in her memoir,  I Am Malala, tells the story of how fighting for her and other girls’ right to education almost got her killedBecause we live in the year 2014, we also have each other to share our experiences and spread the word through social media.

Thanks to social media we can share our stories with the world and be a part of a movemet. Its a powerful source and over the past year we’ve seen feminism take over our newsfeeds. Its come into our world in the form of hashtags like #whyistayed raising awareness for domestic violence, #bringbackourgirls raising awareness of the kidnapping of hundreds of girls who had the audacity to go to school, and #yesallwomen to raise awareness of the misogyny and violence all women go through. These social media campaigns have given women the opportunity to share their own unique stories and show the world why we do still need feminism. These campaigns show that even in America,”land of the free”, not everyone feels free. Together ordinary people have made an impact and changed our society’s perceptions.
Feminism is not the first cause to use social media to enact a change. Recently, the people of Ferguson, Missouri used it to give the world a first hand look at what was going in their city between the police and protesters. A couple years ago the people of Egypt used Facebook to start a revolution. When we absentmindedly scroll through our twitter feeds favoriting a current meme or clicking on a link to a funny cat YouTube video we don’t realize the power of this platform to get millions riled up, involved in change, and make a difference in our world

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