Here We Go Again: The Mindy Project Season 3

Rejoice, tonight is the night. On again off again couple Mindy and Danny are back together, Morgan, Peter, and Jeremy are back to their office shennanigans, and Beverly and Tamra are back to being hilariously imcompetent. The Mindy Project is back y’all . This season promises all of the classic things we’ve come to expect from Mindy and the gang as well as some new surprises.

More Family Bonding

Morgan’s bad boy cousin is coming to the show this season and showing off his matching stomach tattoo #nomorestealingcars

10646645_825636317466740_6172083121901599238_nIt’s always a gauranteed good time when the Castellano’s are involved. This season in addition to Danny’s little brother Richie, his mom is going to make an appearance as Mindy’s nemesis


Danny’s mom played by Cheers’ Rhea Perlman

All this family has us hoping Mindy’s brother comes back this season too. Am I the only one curious about Rishi’s rap career?


Guest Stars 

The Mindy Project has had some epic guest stars in the past

James Franco
Seth Meyers
Max Greenfield

And this season we have our favorite TV Drama Writer Shonda Rhimes coming in for an episode


Dr. Peter Prentice 

Adam Pally as Peter was a new addition to the Schulman offices last season. He has added nothing but more hilariously, awkward office behavior to the show



Mindy’s life perspective 

Let’s face it, we all want to be Mindy Lahiri’s best friend or at least a part of her top tier because by comparison our life problems seem way smaller when you hear what she’s going through



Danny and Mindy

They are FINALLY a couple!! Which means we get to see a lot more of them being cute and adorable…



tumblr_nb9ffgOAL51s01gf9o3_250…I hate to say it but they’re no Cory and Topanga. I have very little faith in this relationship, they’re both just so disfunctional. On the bright side this means we’re bound to see some epic fights.


One of my favorite elements of this show is that itakes place in NYC. Last year’s season finale took us all over the city and I’m hoping there will be more of that this season



Mindy’s Closet 

Let’s be honest; even if The Mindy Project wasn’t the comic gold that it is, I’d still watch weekly just to see what fun, bright fashion Mindy is rocking this week


Images: Tumblr


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