A Look Back to the Glory Days of Female Country Artists

Country music is more popular than ever right now. Which is super exciting for me, since I grew up on the genre. I remember being a self-conscious middle schooler, secretly listening to country music instead of the popular “top 40” genre. And let me tell you, that girl is thrilled by country’s sudden popularity. Call it Taylor Swift’s fault or the new “brocountry” phenomeneon, but no matter how you slice it Country Music is in.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love this new country as much as any frat guy in a pick-up truck but I am a tad nostalgic for the country music of the early 2000’s and 90s. Songs today seem a tad repetitive and mean less. Isn’t ther more to sing about than drinking, pretty girls, and pick-up trucks? What I’ve always liked best about country music was the story they told in their lyrics. As Miranda Lambert told Rolling Stone Magazine “there is so much more you can sing about and say“.

The men of country music are dominating right now and we definitely need some more female powerhouses to even up the score, now that Taylor Swift has switched teams on us; Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood can’t do it alone. And I can’t talk about gender in country music without applauding Maddie and Tae for pointing out the flaws and sexism of “brocountry” in their Girl in a Country Song video.

In honor of some of the great female country artists of the last generation, that actually had something to say, I give you a few of my favorite girl power country songs.

For more check out my playlist on spotify.

Images: Tumblr


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