11 Perks of Living With Your Best Friends

As a college student everyone older than you feels entitled to give you all sorts of advice on everything under the sun and we’re expected to sit there, nod, and thank them for butting their noses into our lives. One such piece of advice I’ve heard over and over agian is “do not, under any circumstances, live with your best friends. It will ruin the friendship,”. And while there is some merit to this advice-I’ve known plenty of people who moved in with their best friends and by the time the lease was up were barely speaking – it’s definitely not a hard, and fast rule.

Yes, some friendships fall apart when they are put into a small apartment and forced to spend too much time together, but sometimes its the best thing that could have ever happened. And if you follow this advice you’ll never know how much fun you’re missing out on by not living with your best friend. I’ve always been a risk taker and this is definitely one risk I’m glad I took (Hi Lexi and Katherine!).

These are the 11 reasons living with your best friend is worth the risk;

1. You’ll never be bored

Your best friends are the most fun people you know. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be your best friends. So, if your power goes out or you’re snowed in and you have nothing to do but stare at each other, you’ll still end up having a blast. Your best friends aren’t afraid of acting like a fool or embarassing themselves when they’re around you and they’re always game for your craziest ideas- even bowling at 2 am or running a spur of the moment 5K.

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2. They’re always there when you have to tell them something/complain/hear about your day

Whether you just nailed a job interview, failed a midterm, got in a fight with your mom, or found a heads-up penny on the way home she’s gonna be there to hear all about it. When you live with your best friend they know everything that’s going on in your life so there is no need to fill them in before you get down to the good stuff. Odds are they’re probably gonna ask you about the midterm or job interview as soon as you get home anyway and be ready with praise or advice.


3. Access to their wardrobes 

It’s been said time and time again, but one of the biggest perks of having a roommate is your wardrobe literally doubles- or triples or quadrupoles, depending on how how many roommates you have. When you live with your best friend chances are you have similar taste in clothes and they have no problem with you borrowing their stuff. Bonus points if you’re the same size.



4. Shopping together- whenever you want

Is there anything better than a trip to the mall with your best friend? Yes, a trip to the mall with your best friend/roommate. Anytime you’re sitting around with a full day to fill is the perfect excuse for a shopping trip, and when you live with your best friend coordinating said shopping trip is so much easier. Plus, they know everything you own so they can tell you whether or not you really need another infinity scarf (yes, always yes to scarves). And when you convince them to buy something cute, it’s totally fair game for you to borrow after the first wear.

Shopping trips to the mall aren’t the only thing that are better when your roommate is your best friend.  Grocery shopping is no longer a boring, adult task when you do it with your bestie. And do I even have to mention house wear shopping? I never knew Home Goods coudld be so much fun.


5. Pillow Talk

Even if you all have your own rooms, there will be movie nights where you all end up sleeping in one bed, as if you didn’t spend enough time together all day. And with sharing a bed (or staying up really late) comes the pillow talk. It’s a scientific fact that the later it gets, the better the conversations get. You literally will talk about anything at 2 am and you do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably aren’t living with your best friend.


6. All the blackmail

When you move in with someone new, you find out all their weird habits and catch them doing really embarassing things, like singing in the shower or eating food off the floor (don’t pretend you don’t do it). And it is imperative to record these things so you have ample blackmail to trap them into being your friend forever (I’m kidding (kind of)).



7. They can cook/bake for you

If you’re like me and the extent of your cooking skills is macaroni and cheese, its good to have roommates who like to cook. And even better if these roommates actually like you and are willing to share their yummy dinners (thanks for all the chana masala, Lexi!). Also, I’m definitely not complaining about waking up to chocolate chip cookies because my roommate had the urge to bake late the night before (hi Kath!).


8. No awkward talks about rent/fridge space/cleaning the bathroom  

When you don’t really know your roommate or she is just an acquaintance there can be a lot of awkward conversations and passive aggressive moments about money, sharing food, or cleaning your shared space. But, when you live with your friends you have no trouble bringing up the hard stuff or yelling at her because she leaves her boots everywhere (my bad, guys). At the end of the day, you know that if you have a problem with something she will do her best to fix it and won’t hold your freakout against you.


9. You have someone to walk to class with 

If you and your roommate both have 8 am’s you have someone to walk to class with and you the conversation during your walk will come easily. In fact, it’s the best start to a day you could imagine and almost makes up for having such an early class.


10. Sharing food 

If you don’t know your roommates, getting into their chocolate stash when you’re PMSing could have deadly consequences. But, when they’re your best friend they are way more understanding, as long as you replace it the next day.


11. You never have to leave the house

The jury is still out on whether this is a pro or con, but it definitely happens. When you are surrounded by your best friends all the time there is little motivation to leave your house. Whatever else is going on has to be really good to tear me away from a New Girl marathon and a bottle of wine with my girls. And I don’t think I’m missing out because I’m probably having more fun at home anyways.

If it was good enough for Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe its good enough for me
Thanks for being the best roommates and friends I could ever ask for

Pictures: Tumblr


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