How to Make it Through Your Toughest Weeks

No matter your major or year, every college student has those weeks. The weeks when every project is due, you have two presentations, and a few midterms. And on top of your school work, you have a bunch of club meetings and an extra shift at work. You feel like you’re being stretched too thin, start drinking a lot of coffee and questioning every choice you’ve made that brought you to this point in your life.

While one way to deal with this crazy week is to hide under your blankets with Friends re-runs until it all goes away you do have an alternative. Instead, you can buckle down and push through it. I promise you will survive and be better for it.

Here a couple tips to get through the week with as few casulties as possible

Organize–  If you aren’t organized you don’t have a prayer. Write down every commitment and due date in your planner so nothing slips through the cracks. Then, write in tentative times to work on everything.

Make lists-  I wouldn’t be who I am today without my lists. I love them and make them for everything.  Write down everything you want to get done and slowly cross things off during the day. Seeing how much you’ve accomplished at the end of the day will lower your stress levels and give you a sense of satisfaction.

Ask for help- Everyone understands hectic weeks. Don’t be afraid to tell your project leader your work is going to be a day late or your boss that you need to take a day off, they understand your studies come first.

Reward yourself-  Instead of getting sidetracked by youtube vidoes in the middle of a problem set, plan your study breaks so they don’t interfere with productivity. For instance, once you finish a task on your to-do list reward yourself with fifteen minutes on pinterest.

Practice saying no- You’ve already got more than you can handle, now is not the time to take on anything new. The girl siting next to you in econ can find someone else to teach her the intricacies of supply and demand in a free market.

Embrace caffeine-  As students we basically run on coffee during stressful weeks. Embrace it and treat yourself. Get drinks that will boost your energy and your mood by treating yourself to a pumpkin spice latte or a starbucks drink you usually wouldn’t splurge on.

Take care of yourself– During times of high stress we tend to let our personal health fall wayside in favor of getting everything done. Make sure to eat at least one thing that is fresh and real during the day and don’t forget to workout. I know it seems like you can’t possibly fit one more thing into your schedule but the endorphins will help relieve stress and a half hour run will totally clear your brain.

Don’t be afraid to lighten your load- Everyone goes through these weeks so don’t be afraid to reschedule some things to an easier week. Your friends will understand if you can’t make Shonda Thursday this week, just promise you’ll be at the next one.

Don’t forget the things you love- We all have those things that we do that make us happy. For some its their morning run, for others its checking out their favorite vlogger’s new post, for me its writing this blog. No matter what it is that you do for fun don’t skip it just because you are busy, it will ultimately make you a happier more tolerable person through the week and keep you sane.


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