Things Girls Say During Their First Hockey Game

This weekend my roommates and I decided it would be fun to go to a Columbus Blue Jackets Game. None of us had ever been to a hockey game before and the tickets were free, so, why not? It was a little rocky at first but we ended up having a really good time. And, I know for a fact the things that came out of our mouths made the two men sitting in front of us roll their eyes a time or two.

So, without further ado some of our most ridiculous comments throughout the game:

“Are we the red players or the white ones?”

“Are there cheerleaders at halftime? or figure skaters? Seeing figure skaters would be really cool”

“We need popcorn”


“I like it when they slam people against the wall things”

200 (3)

“Oh they’re called periods”


“Wait whose stick is that? Did it break?  Are they going to pick it up? Or do they leave it until the end of the play? Is it called a play in hockey?”

200_s (2)

“Is that guy in a timeout? Why is he sitting in that tiny booth?”

200 (4)

*Discuss all the possible kiss cam scenarios for half a period*


“He just scored why are they booing him? Oh, his name is Boone

200 (2)

*When a fight breaks out while she’s on the phone with her mom* “OMG mom they’re fighting! They are literally punching each other in the face! Everyone is just watching, I’m not making this up”


“I’d definitely date a hockey player”


“OMG the refs aren’t even wearing gloves! What if they fall? What if they get in the way? That’s a scary job”


“That Jenner guy just scored  a goal. He’s cute and he has the same name as Kendall and Kylie, let’s get his jersey”

200 (8)

*After a fight* “Do you think he’s crying”


“What’s a power play?”

200 (5)

“Ohhh Ohhh a shoot out! What’s that?”

200_s (3)

“We won! We are totally hockey fans now”

200 (6)

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