5 Ways to Combat Study Abroad Jealousy

When you’re in college you are bound to know at least one person that studies abroad, but more than likely, you will know many. And it is going to slowly kill you. When you see your friends gallivanting across Europe, scuba diving in Australia, and eating sushi in Japan the only emotion you will feel is jealousy.

It doesn’t matter whether its a short summer program or a whole semester abroad, you’re gonna wish you were there instead of stuck in a boring lecture.  And when that happens, we all deal the same way:

Stalk everything they do on social media- The moment you are scrolling through your news feed and realize one of your friends is abroad, you might as well cancel all your plans for the night because you are going deep into stalking mode. You need to catch up on everything ASAP. You haven’t stalked anyone this hard since you’re tenth grade crush, but you certainly haven’t forgotten any of your finely honed skills.   You will exhaust every social media platform and look at every picture until you know the names of all her new foreign friends and the layout of her London flat.


Fantasize about what you would do if you studied there- During your stalking phase you saw she went to Belgium last weekend and a wine tasting in Italy the week before. At this point you start to imagine all the crazy adventures you would have and all the people you’d meet if you ever decided to study abroad. Fantasies of an Irish musician who will serenade you and whom you will eventually marry begin to fill your head. If it happened to Hilary Swank in PS I Love You it can happen to you.


Plan your own study abroad trip- Seeing all these other people have amazing, new experiences abroad makes you want to follow in their footsteps. If they can do it why can’t you? Cue reading your university’s study abroad website thoroughly and making an appointment with a study abroad adviser. After your first meeting, you immediately start filling out applications, scholarship forms, and go get your passport picture taken.


Message your friend-  By now, you’ve seen every Facebook album, tweet, and Instagram post, and you need more! So, you reach out to your friend via Whats App, Viber or some other wifi based texting app to let them know how much you miss them and get up to the minute updates on what they’re doing. Of course, this only increases your jealousy.


Force them to tell you everything about their trip- As soon as they’re back in the States you schedule a lunch/coffee date so you can hear all about their trip. You keep them for hours and ask a million questions about everything they did, everyone they met, and listen intently to all their stories.


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