6 Reasons Your Sister is the Best Road Trip Partner

We’re all aware of how much fun roadtrips can be. You get to travel somewhere new, stopping at every cool locale you pass, all while eating amazing food and listening to great music. One of the most essential things to any road trip is your company. You need someone who you won’t get tired of or start bickering with during the trip, and someone who is fun enough to keep things interesting the whole way.

This weekend I took a mini road trip with my sister from her apartment in Baltimore up to our family home in New York. And now I can say with absolute certainty that your sister is definitely the best road trip partner you could ask for.


  1. She won’t fight with you over music. The jury is still out on that new Taylor Swift song but one thing is for sure oldies make the best road trip music. Growing up in the same house means you both know all the same throwback tunes, you grew up in the same house which means if she was an N’Sync girl you were too, if your dad only listened to the Beatles the two of you know all the words to every song. When you’re with your sister there is no fighting over what to listen to and more time singing your heart out. c2107c7afdcd9d5c64ecc69f3778b362
  2. She won’t judge what you eat or how much you spend on it. Whether your road trip vice is $5 venti Starbucks frappuccinos or greasy diner burgers there is no judgement with your sister. Other people might find your habits disgusting and wasteful. Or, constantly remind you how much you will regret these choices tomorrow. No matter how poor your choices are your sister couldn’t care less. 712c302651f9c577fda3fb169b821a78
  3. She doesn’t get mad no matter how many times you have to stop to pee. It’s not your fault you have to pee so much, its the ice coffee! Either way she has no problem stopping at every rest stop to empty your bladder. 63ad4dcf6b98c945b80538859153068d
  4. Gives you two time to discuss the important things in life. Between all the new family gossip and celebrity pregnancies you have a lot to catch up on. You need to share what each of you’ve heard and from whom, put all the pieces together and dissect. There is so much to share you’ll have plenty to talk about the whole trip. tumblr_ncty4kRR7H1sfku6po1_500
  5. There is a 99% chance your mom will call. If your mother is aware that you and your sister are taking a trip together you can bet she’s gonna call to see how its going and pretend she is a part of the fun. Talking to her with your sister present will make the usual phone call much more fun. tumblr_n5sew0qBve1so4vxuo1_500 
  6. You get to spend hours in the car together. Usually spending time stuck in a car with someone can be really unappealing, what if they smell? What if their jokes stop being funny after a while? What if they don’t stop talking about really boring stuff? These are questions you never have to worry about when you’re with your sister because you are ecstatic to get to spend more time
  7. with her! c768239c69ce196a564f6e14c36b66ed

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