Blogiversary: 1 Month

It has officially been one month since I started blogging. I am amazed I’ve stuck to it this long and shocked by how fast this first month went by.


Ever since I became a Communications major and started pursuing PR, I’ve been told over and over again the importance of blogging. It helps develop writing skills, gain samples for a portfolio, and practice creating content. I can honestly say in the past month blogging has done all of that for me and been a ton of fun.

In addition to writing my blog, I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. I’ve read other college blogs and PR blogs to see what they’re writing about; I’ve read blogs about things that interest me like travel and pop culture; I’ve even read blogs about blogging. All this reading has given me tons of ideas for my improving own blog.

Editorial Calendar

One common theme I’ve seen throughout these blogs is the need to post regularly and consistently. This supposedly will increase your readership and make your blog more legit.

In the past month I would say that I have posted a decent amount, but it was rather sporadically. I know that as time goes by this is only going to worsen. To keep my blog updated and my content different I’ve decided to begin an Editorial Calendar. Many bloggers swear by these and since I’ve created mine it’s made me feel more organized and less stressed about blogging.

I’ve decided to post three times a week and by planning out content ahead of time I will be able to write posts when I have the time and then post it whenever it’s scheduled. Having an editorial calendar will also help me keep my content diversified so my posts don’t get repetitive.

Monthly/Weekly Posts

A lot of blogs have weekly or monthly posts, that is they write about the same topic once a week or month. I’ve decided to incorporate this into my blog as well. From now on I am going to have two monthly posts and one weekly post. In honor of my blog’s anniversary I will post about blogging on the ninth of every month. This will be things I’ve learned about blogging, new updates and ideas for my blog, or tips for other people’s blogs.

The second monthly post I am going to start doing is an “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From…” post. I saw that they frequently do this on one of my favorite sites, Hello Giggles, and it looked like fun. So, on the third Wednesday of every month I am going to post about a person that I find influential in some way.

Finally, I am going to start posting a weekly study abroad post. This of course is contingent on whether or not I get into my study abroad program for next semester (I find out tomorrow!!). I will post every Friday something relating to study abroad.

I really believe these changes will help develop my blog and myself as a blogger. How do you stay organized as a blogger? And do you have any tips for me? Let me know below 🙂

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