Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Amy Poehler

Between her skits on SNL, her work on Parks and Recreation, and work with Amy’s Smart Girls Amy Poehler is an endless inspiration and one of the best role models out there right now. She portrays strong female characters that are also hilarious. On top of all that she is a proud feminist that openly talks about her beliefs which a lot of other women in Hollywood are afraid to do. With her new book Yes, Please hitting stores this month I thought she’d make the perfect first for an EINTKILF post

  1. Have fun and don’t care who’s watching. Stop worrying about what you look like to other people. Live your life unapologetically and make the most of your life.enhanced-buzz-16136-1381258561-13
  2. Be passionate about what you’re doing. Leslie Knope is responsible for teaching me a lot of among the most important is her work ethic and career. She is passionate about what she does and enjoys her work so much she is willing to go the extra mile, put all her time and effort into a project, and will do whatever is necessary to get results. She has enormous goals and is willing to put in the work to achieve them. If everyone was as passionate about their job as Leslie Knope is the people of this world would be a lot happier. Capture
  3. Love and support your girlfriends, another Leslie Knope lesson. Leslie is constantly complimenting, appreciating, and advising her best friend Anne. The two of them would do anything for each other and put in the work to nurture their friendship. She even created a day to celebrate all her girlfriends and their positive effect in her life, Galentine’s Day. Leslie knows it is just as important to have girlfriends as it is to have a SO, and anyone who says they “don’t like having girlfriends” is a traitor to their gender and totally whack tumblr_mi520cmj3S1qf4k1oo1_250
  4. Say no to girl-on-girl competition. The whole world is aware of IRL BFFs Amy Poehler and Tina Fey; they were both on SNL, starred in Baby Mama, and have hosted the Emmy’s together. They both are in the same industry, with similar aspirations and, probably, are frequently up for the same parts. This hasn’t turned them into enemies and they don’t compete against each other. They help and support each other; and collaborate whenever possible, because who doesn’t love working with their best friend? 52b58f1702895131a078bcd227ccf27a
  5. Be yourself no matter what. She started Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls which is an online community focused on encouraging activism, volunteerism, and culture. Her goal is to change the world by being yourself. Amy and her co founders want to empower young girls and let them know its okay to be your authentic and true self. enhanced-buzz-9255-1381258490-12

To anyone who doesn’t think Amy is funny, or awesome, or hates her character on Parks and Rec I have one thing to say….



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