Keeping Your Sanity at the Airport

Whether you’re taking a transatlantic flight or an hour flight home for the weekend, if you’re not careful, it can be the worst experience of your life. So many people will readily tell you they hate flying and, more than likely, it’s because they aren’t flying right. There are certain tips that all frequent flyers know, that will make any trip less of an ordeal. And these all start with navigating the airport and making it on your plane in the best spirits possible.

So, do the poor soul that sits next to you on your next flight a favor and read these tips:

Check in ahead of time Nothing will reduce anxiety more than waking up the morning of your flight already checked in and with your boarding pass printed out. Now, even if your taxi is late or you hit traffic you won’t have to stress about missing your flight because you can head straight to security as soon as you arrive. I promise you will be absolutely elated when you bypass the line at the check-in counter.

Drink Emergen-C It’s common knowledge that flying is guaranteed to make you sick during cold and flu season. It has something to do with everyone breathing the same air and being trapped up high that annihilates your immune system. Drinking emergen-C or something like it will protect you from ruining your vacation and being the sneezer on your flight home

Don’t check a bag Remember that long line I talked about before? Well, if you check a bag you’re gonna have to wait in it, not to mention pay some obnoxious fee, stress over your bags weight, and stress some more about whether your bag will get lost. Trust me, you’ll save money and your sanity by just bringing a carry on. Plus, this forces you not to overpack which is always a plus.

Know the TSA rules Going through security doesn’t have to be the dreaded experience it often is. By checking the rules ahead of time, making sure all liquids are less than three ounces, and taking your laptop out of your bag you will avoid being that person.  You know, the one that holds the entire line up? And you’ll avoid getting something confiscated.


Find your gate The very first thing I do after I go through security is find my gate. I make sure I know where I’m supposed to be and that there hasn’t been a gate change, this way I’m not running around the terminal five minutes before my flight boards looking for my gate. Getting situated and figuring out the lay of the land is essential when flying.

Treat yo self If you’re craving Starbucks or a chocolate bar, get it! Do whatever you need to do to keep your spirits and mood high during the trip. Forget about the calories, these treats may just save the person sitting next to you from getting lots of dirty looks and exasperated sighs.


Bring/buy magazines and books Don’t try to get work done in the airport. Bring magazines, books, movies- whatever you need to keep you occupied, entertained, and amused before your flight. I don’t know what it is about airports that turns everyone’s patience level into that of a toddler’s.

Listen for gate announcements Hearing that your flight is delayed or, worse, cancelled the first time the flight attendant announces it instead of the third will keep you from becoming angry and impatient and you can be the first in line to reschedule instead of last.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay sane the next time you’re at the airport. Together we can kill the nasty reputation airports have been given. What are some of your airport tips?


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