Saving For Study Abroad

Study abroad is expensive. There is no denying that fact, no matter what program you choose or where you go to school. Sure, some schools have programs that allow you to only pay your regular tuition, but most of the time there are still extra fees. Plane ticket, visa and passport processing, travel while your at your school abroad. No matter how you shake it this semester is going to be your most expensive. Ever since I got accepted into my program I have been using the word frugal. A lot. So, how do you save money without missing out on your current semester?

Cut out Starbucks– I know it’s hard, every time you’re tempted to buy a pumpkin spice latte ask yourself if you’d rather have it or a cappuccino in a cafe in Rome? When you put it like that the choice is pretty obvious.


Avoid the mall– you’re a college student, you like to be fashionable, I get it. Try to make do with what you have from last year and go on a shopping spree before you leave. Being in sweats in public is acceptable in America, not so much in other countries. Also, you’re going to be taking lots of pictures while you’re abroad that you will cherish forever, you want to look good, trust me.


Limit the the amount you go out- half of the college experience is going to bars/parties any day of the week. But, that can be an expensive lifestyle. While you’re saving for study abroad limit it to one night a week. Plan in advance, if your friends birthday is Saturday night maybe skip margaritas after class on Thursday.

imageSkip the movies-even if you get a student discount, it’s still not worth it. You’re essentially throwing 11 dollars down the drain, not to mention the outrageous concession prices. Skip the movies and have a Netflix marathon instead. You get to see more movies, no one cares if you talk through it, and you can stay in your pajamas; everyone wins. image

You might feel as though you are missing out this semester but it will totally be worth it when you have extra cash for traveling and souvenirs while you’re abroad. Save now, enjoy later.