Photo Diary Weeks 1&2

I’ve been living in Italy for two weeks now and I’ve completely fallen for this country. Here is a look at my adventure so far.

Walking to class never looked so good
Piazza Del Campo AKA my playground for the next 4 months
Gorgeous no matter the time of day
Ohio State does it better
004 (4)
My first slice of Italian pizza- it’s as good as it looks
Duomo di Siena
016 (3)
I couldn’t understand a word of the mass but it was hands down the prettiest church I’ve ever been to
008 (3)
002 (2)
We were having a Blair and Serena moment
024 (2)
Gelato all day everyday
004 (3)
And pastries
043 (2)
Katie’s 21st birthday and our first real pizza here
036 (2)
Then celebrated with some kind of Italian flag drink
038 (2)
Cappuccinos are my everything here
004 (5)
Unwinding at the hot springs on Friday
018 (3)
The group’s first limoncello
013 (4)
My life under the Tuscan sun
030 (4)
The beautiful Firenze
On il Ponto Vecchio
Can’t beat this view
006 (6)
Every important city in Italy has a Duomo
022 (3)
I put a penny inside the pig’s mouth for good luck-Italy is a weird place
026 (3)
I was more than a little excited to go inside the Prada store
019 (3)
Ending our day in Florence with the best Gelato in the city



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