How to Spot a Study Abroad Student Back in the States

We post-study abroad students can get kind of a bad rap and it’s not completely illegitimate. We have a tendency to come back to “the states” and talk endlessly about our experience, the friends we’ve made, and the places we’ve visited. We’re just really excited about it, okay? We can’t help but all cope with crushing depression that comes with the end of a semester abroad in the same way. And here are just 10 of the acts we’re all guilty of committing when we return.

  1. Getting a compass tattoo somewhere on your body or at least talking about getting one
  2. Constantly stalking yourself on Instagram because your posts will never be as good as they were when you were abroad 
  3. Comparing everything in America to how it was abroad and being mind blown over Americafrustrated
  4. Telling anyone who will listen that you just got back from living abroadirdc
  5. Starting almost every sentence with “When I was living in Europe…”blrg
  6. Referring to America as “The States” tumblr_lnrgavypOv1qh61jao1_500
  7. Making post-grad plans to move to Europe permanentlyvhg
  8. Refusing to eat ice-cream because it just doesn’t compare to gelatotumblr_mqippwsIHr1s4itd1o1_500
  9. Sharing every mundane detail of your life abroad to people who don’t really careYbIQ9y1
  10. Randomly tearing up when you remember it’s all overanigif_enhanced-buzz-306-1379539185-6

If you’re friends with someone that just studied abroad, take pity on us and try to have some patience; we’ll get over it eventually (I hope). And if you’re someone who just returned, stick to talking about your experience with other people who’ve studied abroad because they’re the only ones who will understand.

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