Feb. 11, 2014


Media Contact: Jillian Buzzi

(330) 338-4226


Applits Delivers Interactive Crowdsourcing Experience To Would-Be App Inventors

Added site features provide a platform to refine ideas creating a more robust community of app inventors


COLUMBUS, Ohio App development company Applits is relaunching its website to allow app idea inventors and the public to be more involved in app creation and development at every step of the process.

The site redesign takes Applits to the next level, creating a more community-oriented environment that’s critical to the continued success of the company’s public-voting competition.

“After perfecting our app idea submission and voting platform, we are ready to take our community involvement to the next level,” said Keith Shields, co-founder and CEO of Applits, and a fifth-year in mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University. “Now every decision in our apps’ creation processes is a crowdsourced one.”

The main difference that will come with the revamp is that previously behind-the-scenes steps of creating an app – ideation, design, beta testing, etc. – will be open to the Applits community for discussion and feedback. Every step from the process is now in the hands of the user from the design to the name.  This gives the community a voice and allows for creativity to flow freely rather than be limited to the eyes of the app inventors and developers.

With the website revamp, the entire app development process will unfold before the Applits community. The app screening process will be democratized, allowing website members to choose apps that will be entered into Voting Week, during which the public will vote on which app idea will be developed. Members will also have the opportunity to give feedback to app idea inventors during the screening process.

To further develop its mantra of creating partnerships with people in app development, Applits plans to incentivize members’ participation in the new system by offering points and achievements as opportunities to gain royalties in Applits apps.

About Applits

Applits is a mobile app development company founded in 2012 by Keith Shields and Josh Tucker, two engineering students at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The basis of the company is to develop apps that win a monthly public-voting competition, while also providing feedback for other apps to be more competitive in the app market. Winning app idea submitters get 15 percent of the revenue that their apps bring in.



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